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When the time comes for homeowners to replace their roof, there sure can be a lot of questions. Below are some answers to common questions by homeowners when it comes to Traverse City, Michigan roofing.

When should you replace your roof?

For most homes, the roof should be replaced every 20-50 years. The wide spread in numbers is based on a few variables but for the sake of time, let’s cover the most common reasons for a roof to be replaced.

Damaged roofs should be repaired or replaced as soon as the damage is discovered. Hail, wind, tropical storms are all known for causing damage to all types of roofs given enough exposure to harsh conditions. If you suspect and roof damage or maybe you’re unsure all together and would like to know the overall condition of your roof? Check out our free roof inspection deal this month!

Age of a roof is another major factor. The Traverse City, Michigan roofing industry is not known for a lot of storm damage, in fact most roofing done in Traverse City is due to age and general break down of the material. When it comes to searching out the right roof replacement, you can find a certified, licensed and insured professional that stands behind there work! Get a free quote today!

How long should a roof last for?

We believe a roofing should last for several decades. Anywhere for 30 all the way to 50 years for most roofs. It really boils down to a couple of very simple things. First off, quality materials. There’s no sense in spending thousands of dollars just to save a few bucks where it matters most. A quality material from a quality manufacture absolutely matters when we are talking about the longevity of a new roof.

The second is quality installation. The nicest of material installed poorly will always result in less than ideal results and maybe even unsatisfied expectations. Be sure that no matter what roofing contractor or material you choose, the crew installing it should be an expert in that field.

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