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When should you replace your roof in Traverse City, Michigan?

Replacing your roof in traverse city Michigan during the summer is a sure way to get the best value. Not only is weather more predictable, which will make sure the job is done efficiently but more so the summer is known as “roofing season”. This is when contractors are getting their volume discounts and doing their best to keep the schedule stacked with work. So, you’re more likely to get promotional incentives during this time because the job can be done faster and cheaper on the contractors end and they often pass that savings down the line to their customers.

Coming into this roofing season, it’s best to know just how much life your roof has left in it. This post will go over a few ways to know if you need a new roof or if you have a few more years left in it!

Replace your roof when the roof is more than 20 years old!

Most roofs are designed to last 20 years at least in ideal weather conditions, unfortunately there are not many states that offer ideal weather all year long. (maybe Arizona? lol) Some of the most common weather conditions that will wear your roof down are storms. Rain, wind and hail are common threats to roofs. Strong winds carry debris into the roof causing scars, bruising and damage from impact. Beyond natural disaster, construction is another common threat to the longevity of a roof. Poor or improper ventilation and low-quality materials are also factors to consider when judging the condition of your roof.

Roofs are often a “better safe than sorry” type of situation. Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody wants to wake up to outside being inside due to roof damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners put their roof of for “one more year” and find themselves having with a much more extensive project which also cost a lot more. Not taking your roof seriously can result in a terrible unwanted surprise come wintertime. Which is silly, considering a roof inspection is free lol

Replace your roof when A “worn down look” appears!

This is simple, but I’ll explain anyway. A sure way to know it’s time to replace your roof is when you can visually see that your roof looks worn down. If you can see broken or bent shingles, bare spots, damage, etc. That would mean it’s time to replace your roof. Visual damage should be taken seriously. Replacing your roof before it gets to the point of necessity will usually save you money due to being an easier job, which means it takes much less time and cost much less money.

Replace your roof when there is Excessive Moss Growth On Your Roof!

If you have a small amount of moss growth on your roof or even a little more than a small amount, you can hire a pressure washing company to clean and treat that area. However, more than a small amount should lead you to call a roofing contractor to inspect your roof. Moss holds moisture and moisture on your roof can create havoc on the structure of your home. Moss holding moisture onto your home leads to mold, mildew and even rotted out or decomposed wood. These problems will not go away and in fact they will continue to get worse until devastating damages force your hand. A professional roof inspection is the least you can do to resolve moss growth on your roof.

Replace your roof when Your roof is ugly

To many homeowners, curb appeal is as important as function and structure of the home. Removing the unwanted marks or stains from your roof can be done with professional pressure washing services, though that solution isn’t always a guarantee to remove these eye sores. For homeowners who have an ugly roof and want to replace it, my advice is go for it. Short term will probably increase the value of your home and for those who aren’t ever going to sell, you’ll get a fresh roof, with a new warranty.

Replace your roof when “The whole neighborhood is doing it!”

LOOK! If you want the absolute best deals when replacing your roof, then buy when everyone else is doing it! Often the roofs in your neighborhood are generally close to the same age. Roofers know this and will use this as an opportunity to sell a whole neighborhood on new roofs. They do this because it saves them a bunch of money, which means they have way more room to get you a price you can’t refuse. Not to gloss over the fact that the best deals come from the group buys, but let’s not ignore that if several neighbors need a new roof, yours probably isn’t any more than a couple years behind. Why wait and overpay? A roof is a 20-year purchase for most people.

If you are unsure about the condition of your roof or need a professional, licensed and insured roofing expert, Eagle Home Renovation is your qualified and trusted option for Traverse City, Michigan roofing. Locally owned and operated, Eagle Home Renovation strives to exceed our clients’ expectations, one roof at a time. Contact us today for a free roof consultation. Never pressured to buy, we only seek to educate you on your roof’s condition and your options for a solution

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