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The Perfect Fence Company Traverse City

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Types of Fences Offered by Traverse City Fence Company

To discover your ideal fence, explore the varied Types of Fences Offered by Traverse City Fence Company. Wooden Fences, Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fences, and Wrought Iron Fences each offer unique benefits to suit your specific needs. Read on to learn more about the advantages of each type.

Wooden Fences

Wooden fencing is a popular choice for property owners. Traverse City Fence Company has various types of wooden fences to choose from. Options include:

  • Privacy Fences: Perfect for needing seclusion and blocking outsiders.
  • Picket Fences: Ideal for adding aesthetic value and containing pets/kids.
  • Split Rail Fences: Cost-effective and stylish.
  • Ranch Style Fences: Robust design for keeping livestock in/out.

Wooden fences are cost-effective and easy to maintain. Plus, there are top fence contractors with many sizes and styles to choose from. Contact Traverse City Fence Company to learn more about how they can meet all your fencing needs – at an affordable price and with increased property value!

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fencing – A Durable and Elegant Choice

Vinyl fencing is an attractive, cost-effective option for homeowners and commercial properties. It involves minimal maintenance and has plenty of great features!

  • Simplicity: Vinyl fences come in pre-built panels, making installation a breeze.
  • Robustness: These fences are strong and can handle any weather without cracking, peeling or fading.
  • Minimal Care: Unlike wood fencing, you won’t need to repaint or stain vinyl fences. Just a regular cleaning will do.
  • Beauty: Vinyl fences come in many styles, heights, and colors. Plus, they require minimal maintenance, so they look great over time!

Vinyl fences also have the advantage of mimicking other materials, like wood, metal or brick. This way, you can enjoy the authentic look of these materials, plus all the benefits of a vinyl fence.

Traverse City Fence Company has a wide range of vinyl fences that combine elegance and strength. Ideal for anyone who wants a beautiful, durable fence, that can withstand the test of time!

Crazy Fact: North America spent USD 20.2 billion on fencing materials in 2020! So, if you’re looking to feel like a giant canine, try out a chain link fence!

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is a great choice for its affordability and long-lasting appeal. It’s perfect for defining boundaries and protecting properties. Made from galvanized steel or vinyl-coated for corrosion resistance, it can be tailored to different heights and gauges.

Benefits include:

  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Unobstructed views with security
  • Open design for air circulation, especially in windy areas
  • Keeps intruders and animals out
  • Ideal for dog runs and play enclosures
  • Eco-friendly materials are recyclable

For extra privacy, add slats to your chain link fence. Although this limits airflow, it stands strong against high winds.

A homeowner opted for a chain link fence from Traverse City Fence Company for their property, ensuring safety and visibility. It even increased the value of their home without breaking the bank. Plus, a Traverse City wrought iron fence can spruce up your curb appeal!

Wrought Iron Fences

Iron Fences Encompassed

Unique and sturdy, iron fences have an eye-catching appeal. The Traverse City Fence Company has various iron fence options, including wrought iron.

A table was compiled to better understand the variations of wrought iron fences:

TypeDescriptionTraditionalUnique and classic design with decorative elementsModernMinimalistic design for privacy and securityCustomTailored to specific requirements

The exclusive aesthetic of iron fences is not only in its shapes and sizes. Customizable features let it blend into the landscape. In the early 19th century, wrought iron was used to construct gates. They had intricate designs depicting scenes from mythology and history. These depicted the wealth and social status of the homeowner.

Traverse City Fence Company: Because DIY often means ‘Destroy It Yourself’!

Installation Services Provided by Traverse City Fence Company

To get the most out of the installation services, Traverse City Fence Company offers, dive into the sub-sections: Residential Fence Installation for securing your private space and complementing the exterior, Commercial Fence Installation to protect the family owned business and providing safety measures, and Fence Repair Services for revising any damages that have occurred to maintain quality and integrity.

Residential Fence Installation

Traverse City Fence Company is renowned for providing unbeatable customer satisfaction and quality when it comes to installing fences for residential properties. We have a team of experts who oversee the whole process: from consultation to installation. Here’s a 3-step guide of how we install fences:

  1. Measurements & Consultation: We schedule an onsite meeting to take measurements and discuss options.
  2. Material Sourcing: We source high-quality materials that match the agreed specifications.
  3. Installation: Our team completes the installation quickly & without causing any damage.

Moreover, we can provide custom solutions based on specific requirements. Customer satisfaction is our top priority – we go above & beyond to deliver exceptional service. Recently, we had a client who asked us to merge two types of fencing materials into one. Our team found the materials and made an innovative solution that exceeded expectations.

Keeping your business secure is easy with Traverse City Fence Company’s commercial fence installation. It’s the perfect way to keep enemies out & profits in!

Commercial Fence Installation

Traverse City Fence Company offers superior services for commercial fencing. We create custom solutions for businesses in Traverse City. From hospitality to industrial sectors, we provide durable fencing that gives security and privacy.

Our experts have experience with commercial fencing installation. We offer various options like ornamental steel, high-security chain link, welded wire mesh, and vinyl fencing. We use top quality materials built to withstand bad weather.

We don’t just install fences; we provide additional features like fast response time and customer communication. We make sure the project stays on budget and within schedule.

Traverse City Fence Company is endorsed by the Fencing Contractors Association of America (FCAA). You can trust us to deliver reliable outcomes.

Fence Repair Services

When it’s time to fix your fencing, Traverse City Fence Company is your go-to. Here are the services they offer:

  • Mend broken fencing.
  • Caulk & seal wood.
  • Replace missing/damaged posts & rails.
  • Clean & paint for long-term protection.
  • Repair gates, hinges & latches.

Plus, they also provide maintenance check-ups for any future repairs. An example of their work? They helped a customer with extensive wood rot, requiring full panel replacement. After inspecting each panel, they gave the homeowner options – from patching small damage with Bondo Wood Filler to full panel replacement. The client chose full panel replacement due to potential safety risks.

The team at Traverse City Fence Company did the job quickly and perfectly, with no complaints! Make your neighbors jealous of your beautiful fence and awesome fence contractor – choose Traverse City Fence Company.

Benefits of Choosing Traverse City Fence Company

To get the best fencing solutions, go for Traverse City Fence Company. With locally owned and operated services, you can have an assurance of quality results. The experienced and skilled workers use only the best high-quality materials to create the perfect fence that will cater to your needs. Besides, the company offers customized designs and installations, ensuring that your new fence, is unique and meets your specific requirements.

Locally Owned and Operated

The Traverse City Fence Company brings unmatched services to the local landscape. They’re family-owned, so customers get personalized, hometown-feeling service. Quality fencing, high-end materials and experienced technicians – they have it all!

Benefits of using a local, family-run business? Quick turnaround, awesome customer service and a deep understanding of your needs. Plus, competitive rates.

The Traverse City Fence Company stands out from other area companies with eco-friendly products that are durable and long-lasting. And, of course, guaranteed work for customer satisfaction.

Yelp reviews prove it – the Traverse City Fence Company is one of the best fence companies around. Rated five stars by clients multiple times. They’re not just fence installers, they’re ninjas with post hole diggers!

Experienced and Skilled Workers

Traverse City Fence Company is renowned for its deft and proficient workers. Their expertise guarantees excellence in work, quick completion of jobs, professional, and careful job monitoring.

These workers have:

  • In-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field
  • Commitment to all kinds of fencing installations
  • Capability to use modern tools and state-of-the-art techniques
  • Dependability in providing topnotch customer service

Furthermore, they possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills to accurately understand customers’ needs. Their client-focused approach yields tailored solutions to meet customers’ wants.

Pro Tip: Clients may ask workers for certification before hiring Traverse City Fence Company personnel, to ensure top-notch service quality.

Traverse City Fence Company: Keeping your home secure and your neighbors’ views serene with high-quality materials.

Use of High-Quality Materials

The Traverse City Fence Company utilizes superior quality materials for their fence construction. Designs are tailored to fit the customer’s needs and preferences, while using top-notch materials that ensure longevity, aesthetics and safety.

High-quality materials guarantee durability, extra strength, resistance to harsh weather conditions, and protection against pests or rotting.

These materials also result in low maintenance costs for customers in future.

Furthermore, Traverse City Fence Company prioritizes sustainability in its mission. They source innovative, eco-friendly materials with a reduced carbon footprint, depending on your location and personal preference.

Premium fencing material guarantees that your home stays safe, without worrying about costly repairs or replacements later on.

Let Traverse City Fence Company take care of your customized fencing needs – a fence that screams ‘you shall not pass‘ in style!

Customized Designs and Installations

Traverse City Fence Company is the go-to place for exclusive designs and fence contractors. They cater to each customer’s needs, ensuring complete satisfaction. Customized designs and installations are their specialty!

Their high-quality materials ensure that fences stand the test of time. From decorative fences to privacy fences to vinyl, aluminum, and chain-link fences, they offer a wide array of options.

For the perfect solution to all of your fencing projects, trust Traverse City Fence Company. Their expertise in designing and installing custom fencing solutions with a touch of perfectionism will leave you feeling satisfied. Don’t miss out – contact them now!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials for Traverse City Fence Company

The Traverse City Fence Company has gained a lot of positive feedback from their clients. Here’s a review of what people have said:

  • Clients say their workmanship is excellent.
  • They are prompt with appointments and projects.
  • Their customer service is praised for being communicative.
  • They offer good value for money.

Plus, they can make special requests like customized designs and installations to fit the client’s landscape.

Don’t miss out on this great company! Get in touch for a hassle-free fence installation and affordable fence repair experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of fencing services does your Traverse City company offer?

Our company offers a wide range of fencing services, including fence installation, repair, and maintenance. We also specialize in creating custom fencing and fence designs to perfectly meet our clients’ needs.

2. How long does fence installation usually take?

The timeline for fence installation varies depending on the size of the project and the type of fencing being installed. However, we typically complete installation within a few days to a week.

3. Do you offer any warranties for your fence installations?

Yes, we offer warranties for our fence installations. Our warranties vary depending on the type of fence being installed and are designed to give our clients peace of mind knowing that they are protected.

4. Is your Traverse City fencing company licensed and insured?

Yes, our company is fully licensed and insured. We take the safety of our clients and employees seriously, and our insurance coverage provides an added layer of protection for everyone involved in our fencing projects.

5. What makes your fencing company stand out from other Traverse City companies?

We stand out from other fencing companies in Traverse City because of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and provide customized solutions to meet them.

6. Can you provide references from previous fencing projects you’ve completed?

Yes, we can provide references from previous fencing projects we’ve completed. We are proud of the work we do and the relationships we build with our clients, and we are happy to share our past successes with potential new clients.

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