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Traverse City Roofing

Traverse City Roofing A new roof is no small purchase and absolutely demands some very important boxes are checked if you wish to avoid a “contractor nightmare”


For one, you should be certain that any potential contractor you choose to hire is fully licensed and insured before accepting their bids. There’s many regulations around building code for safety, hiring someone who isn’t properly educated and trained for the job could result in a potentially harmful situation for you as the homeowner.


The very next thing I would suggest that you investigate is the companies warranty. As I like to say, “talk is cheap” and any promise can be made of quality work and service, but an aggressive warranty that protects you as the home owner will show you which companies truly put their own wallet behind their work!


Prices, materials, labor are all usually in the same ballpark when it comes to construction services. Excluding a few select trades, there is a “relative” market price for construction services. Roofing is no different, so beware of prices that are unreasonably low or high for that matter. The quotes should all be within a reasonable amount of each other. Any “oddballs” should be tossed out.


Finally, the pressure of the sales process. I’ll be honest here, back in my sales career days there was no need to be an overbearing slime ball unless I was unsure of my price/product. The same should go for your roof, the easy going confident service consultant has no question of the service you are about to receive will be spectacular.

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