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Eagle Home Renovation LLC is made up of 100% Northern Michigan employees and installation crews.

Our mission is to provide Northern Michigan Homeowners with high quality roofing, decking, siding and window replacement services, along with someone that’ll answer the phone if a project needs serviced…

We take pride in offering the best home improvement solutions to Northern Michigan residents with affordable options.

Having several decades of experience combined in our business, we know how to solve problems for our clients and exceed your expectations 100% of the time! 

We guarantee Quality Craftsmanship, Superior products and Affordable Pricing when you work with us.

Our estimates and opinions are always 100% free of cost and obligation, we welcome you to reach out by completing the form below today if we can serve you!

Quality Roofing Craftsmanship

Roofing, widows, decking and siding

At Eagle Home Renovation, Our goal is to serve our clients with the absolute highest standards of craftsmanship. This means that we practice the most up to date practices to provide long lasting and quality results. Weather it be a roof, siding, widows or designing your home a new deck!

We pride ourselves in the warranties offered on our products, the installation practices and our service.

We stand behind every one of our projects with a quality assurance guarantee.  

Give us a call for all your Northern Michigan Roofing, decking, windows and siding projects!

Superior Roofing

Metal Roofing Traverse City

Eagle Home Renovation knows that a home is only as good as the material used to build it. We have a strict rule to not endorse any one product, this means that we are never bound to a manufacture or product type. 

We do this at a cost to ourselves to be certain that you get the best product for your budget. 

Having a truly unlimited reach for options. Your deck, roof, siding and windows are always chosen for quality, warranty and reliability you can count on.

Don’t settle for one of three options, be sure your contractor has your best interest in mind and isn’t just pushing the product line that pays them the best.

Affordable Roofing Pricing

Roofing Traverse City

Many factors keep us from buying the best of the best. Don’t let this be a factor with Eagle Home Renovation!

Eagle Home Renovation understands that not every home owner has the same needs. 

Our goal is the find the solution for you, not to push a high ticket package. This allows us to understand your needs and budget, then provide a package that will meet those needs within your budget. 

With Eagle Home Renovation as your contractor, you’ll know that no matter what option you went with, quality and craftsmanship never changes


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About Us

Eagle Home Renovation was started by 3 of the most experienced people in the Northern Michigan Roofing Industry.

We were sick and tired of seeing what roofing companies did to their customers by providing poor workmanship and low quality materials. We wanted a new reputation that was built on fair and honest, high-quality service.

It became our mission to provide the homeowners of Northern Michigan with a high quality roofing, siding, windows and decking services.

We offer you top-tier craftsmanship with unmatched customer service and use only premium materials for your roofing project.

To ensure that we are efficient in delivery, we make sure to always have the best roofers on site at all times.

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